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This week the Santa Fe County Firefighters Association, representing Santa Fe County’s career firefighters and paramedics announced the launch of a new 501c3 non-profit, the Santa Fe County Firefighters Foundation.

“Despite our tireless efforts on improving safety conditions and training, fire fighting will always be a hazardous occupation.” said Eutimio Ortiz, President of the Santa Fe County Firefighters Association. “Firefighters are at high risk to be diagnosed with a multitude of health issues, from increased risk of cancer, or PTSD just to name a few of the hazards. Coupled with working thru the COVID-19 pandemic, fighting fires in homes, attacking wildland fires and working at the scene of accidents really puts our firefighters and paramedics on the frontlines.”

The mission of the Santa Fe County Firefighters Foundation is to aid fire fighters, their families and community members during times of distress. “When you enter the fire service, we describe it as being part of a family –it truly is one large family you become a part of,” says Ortiz. The Foundation will support firefighters should one of their immediate family members become sick or ill with a life threatening illness, and offer assistance to community members in need identified by firefighters through their daily emergency responses.

“This has been an arduous process but we are excited to see this vision become real and find new ways to support our firefighters, families and our community.”

The Santa Fe County Firefighters Foundation is currently seeking community partners interested in collaboration. For more information visit



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